Our Inspection Process

Our top priority is to provide our clients with the info necessary to make an informed decision about the property. Furthermore, we do so in a Clear, Concise, and Professional Manner.

You’ll receive an “easy-to-understand” but comprehensive report detailing the issues identified during the inspection. The computer generated inspection report will include digital photos of the property. These will help illustrate some of the various defects that we find. Additionally, we can deliver the report to the client however they desire. So, whether that means email, Fedex, USPS, or even hand delivery, we can deliver results conveniently.

Our typical inspection takes approx. 1-2hrs per 1000 sq/ft to thoroughly evaluate the property. And, we encourage our clients to attend the inspection! In fact, we have found that attending the inspection gives the client the opportunity to learn more about their potential new home. We will not only inspect the property, but will share with you what you’ll need to maintain and why.

Of course, you should feel free to ask the inspector any questions you may have during the inspection process. He will point out problems and explain them to you in terms you can understand. Also, we will explain what routine maintenance is necessary to keep the home in good working order. This will allow you to get the most benefit from the inspection. In addition, this will help you gain knowledge regarding the various systems within your home. In fact, you’ll even learn more about how to maintain them.

The state of Texas via the Texas Real Estate Commission has created a Standards of Procedures. All Licensed Home Inspectors in the state are required to follow these procedures. Furthermore, all licensed inspectors must use the state provided inspection form (some modifications are permitted) to report the results.

Six Major Areas of Inspection:


  • Foundations & Crawlspaces

  • Grading

  • Roof Covering

  • Framing, Floors & Walls

  • Roof Structure & Attic

  • Doors & Windows

  • Fireplace & Chimney

  • Construction/Phase Inspection

  • Builders Warranty Inspection

  • and more…


  • Cook tops, Ranges & Ovens

  • Dishwashers

  • Food Waste Disposals

  • Range Hoods & Exhaust Systems

  • Garage Door Operators

  • Built-in Microwave Ovens

  • Dryer Exhaust Systems

  • Mechanical Exhaust Systems

Electrical Systems

  • Main Service Connections/Entry

  • Electrical Panels

  • Branch Circuits

  • Fixtures, Receptacles, Switches

  • GFCI Protection

Plumbing Systems

  • Main Water Supply (Meter & Pressure)

  • Water Fixtures, Tubs & Showers

  • Hydro-Therapy Equipment

  • Water Heating Equipment

  • Drainage lines and vents

Heating, Ventilation & Air Cond.

  • Heating System

  • Cooling System

  • Ducts & Vents

Optional Items

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Private Water Wells

  • Out-Buildings

  • Private Sewer Systems

  • and more….