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Mike Morissette of WoodenThumb is very thorough, detail-oriented and knowledgeable. We’ve used WoodenThumb three times: for the initial home inspection, for a follow-up inspection on a newly installed roof and for a home maintenance consultation. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing any type of inspection or home-related consultation. During the pre-purchase home inspection, he walked the roof and found that approximately half of the shingles had not been fully glued down during the original installation in 2016. We worked with our realtor to negotiate a new roof install as a part of the purchase. If Mike had not walked the entire roof during the inspection, the problem would not have been found. He also re-inspected the new roof after installation and identified a couple of minor issues that we then had fixed before closing. We asked Mike to come back a month later to walk us through the key maintenance items for our home. He took us through each area, explaining step-by-step how and when to perform the needed maintenance. We’ve been homeowners for over 25 years and got new and useful tips and info to keep our home healthy and well-maintained.

Sandy T.

I highly recommend Woodenthumb for anyone who needs a home inspector! My wife and I had been looking at mid century modern homes and Michael Morrisette of Woodenthumb looked at two properties for us. We rejected the first home in a large part due to the inspection report which listed in great detail all of the deficiencies and problems with the house. He looked at the roof and went down below the house which was a pier and beam structure. My wife and I were amazed because looking at the inside and outside of the house we didn’t notice anything. With our second home with a lot less problems, Woddenthumb gave us a detailed inspection report with lots of photos which we used to address issues with the seller to fix including our house not having a chimney cover. I now have a reference with details like the year and make of our A/C unit.

Mark F.

I wish I had met Mike sooner…. he is absolutely the best home inspector in Texas. As an agent and owner of a real estate company I need an inspector I can rely on and I can trust. Mike’s background and experience make him thorough and detailed. He is also a very nice guy, takes time to explain his findings to my clients, and is very accommodating. I really appreciate him and am glad we were introduced. He gets my highest recommendation!

Jonathan Y.

Mike just did an inspection on what will hopefully be our new home. He is very knowledgable and very thorough. The main thing us that he is honest and trustworthy. In an industry where people try to exploit peoples lack of knowledge, Mike is the opposite. He will help recommend people he trusts to do work for you and his attention to detail is unbelievable. He made what can seem like a daunting and scary task simple and straight forward. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.

Amber G.

Mike is awesome! He did a roof inspection for us after we had our roof replaced. He found quite a few things that the roofer had not done that would have caused problems down the road. I was able to get the roofers to make the repairs before they turned into problems. He also found/fixed a disconnected vent pipe for our gas water heater. Highly recommend Mike. I will definitely be calling him in the future.

D V.

Had Mike come out for a home inspection prior to selling our home. He did a great and very thorough job and I feel he provided a very accurate assessment of the state of our house. Had I used Mike for my home inspection prior to purchasing our house, there would have been a LOT less surprises throughout the time I owned it. I would highly recommend having Mike perform your home inspection.

Dylan W.

Michael did a fantastic job! During the option period he provided the inspection service to us. He was very detailed on checking all the little things we could never spot it. He was also very patient with us on explaining the issue he found and the cause of it, and even how much effort to get it fixed. Very professional, show up on time, and we were really happy with the home inspection service!

Ting W.

We had a great experience walking through our potential new home with Michael. He is very knowledgeable and explained things well as he went through the inspection. Although I asked many questions, he was happy to answer all of them.

John F.

If I could give 10 stars I would! I highly recommend Wooden Thumb Home Inspection. Mike was very knowledgeable and paid great attention to detail. He walked us through the entire inspection and educated us along the way. We could not have asked for a better experience! 10/10 recommend!

Jessica H.

Mike was incredibly thorough and helpful throughout the inspection. Not only was he willing to talk through the inspection with me, but his report was just as helpful and thorough. I will look to use Mike again in the future.

Justin K.

There is no other way to put it, Mike is very thorough. The house that Mike inspected for us is a new construction build. Mike found several things that the builder needs to address.

Jared H.

I have had many pre-purchase inspections done on homes over the years. This company is heads and shoulders above all other inspectors!

Stefano L.